Tuesday, 27 May 2014

A year on...

Yesterday, the hubs and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary.

It's pretty insane really. This time last year, I was about to board a plane to LA to begin the best holiday of my life. I was thin, careless and ready for a pretty special adventure. Not only that but I was absolutely buzzing after the wedding. I put so much work into it and was overwhelming pleased with the results. Life was good. 

I remember saying to my mum some time before that my dream was to get pregnant on my honeymoon. Whilst it obviously had entered my mind all those months before, it wasn't something I thought twice about whilst on the trip. I can't speak for anywhere else, but honeymooning in the States is a pretty amazing experience. Americans love us Brits and they love a romantic tale, which meant that when it came to us, they went out of their way to make us feel incredibly special the entire trip.

I remember arriving home from the trip. walking into our then flat and being hit in the face with balloons and the sweet perfume of a mixture of beautiful flowers. My lovely mum had really laid on the welcome wagon knowing full well that we'd be on a massive comedown following the best month of our lives.

The weeks that followed were hard. We were on a house hunting mission that was not going well and were finding it incredibly hard to adjust back to normal life. Getting the wedding album/video helped lift our spirits but only temporarily. It was settled, we were well and truly depressed.

This is when I noticed my delayed period and made the initial appointment with my gynaecologist. If you read my early blog post, "discovering the news" this story will be familiar. The morning before the appointment, I wave the hubs off to work (I used to leave about 30 mins after him) and decide randomly to do a pregnancy test, not for one minute thinking I was pregnant. A few short minutes later, those words were flashing before my eyes "pregnant". That was the moment life changed. A few more tests and emotional breakdowns later and it was official, in a few months we were to be parents. Well, that certainly lifted our spirits.

Pregnancy was amazing. I have never (until he arrived) felt so happy and fulfilled. BumpMoirs launched around this time too, initially a space for me to document my pregnancy for my own means. Now, so much more.  At 6 months pregnant, we completed on our house. Our gorgeous country home where our babies will be raised and where happy memories will be made. I thought I'd struggle leaving the hustle & bustle of City life... nope, another easy and enjoyable transition. Another month passed and the family car was purchased. It was official, we were well and truly ready.

A month and a half months later, Harry was born. And here we are.  

What a year. 

The best ever. 

So much had happened, so much has changed. 

I am the happiest, luckiest girl in the world to have all that I do. Of course, the house & car are meaningless without the two most important men in my life. 

My phenomenal, patient and kind husband and my beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful boy.

P.S. this was the song Harry was born to. For that reason, this will always be my absolute favourite song.

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